Social responsibility is important to us. We engage in bold initiatives that provide real support to those in need and put into practice the values we hold dear. We also support cultural endeavours that inspire and move people.

RöIsAlso patron of the arts: For years, we have been a patron of the Polish Film Awards Orły, also known as the Polish Oscars. In 2018, we supported Piotr Uklański’s participation in the Shouting: Poland! Independence 1918 exhibition at the National Museum in Warsaw. In 2016, we sponsored an exhibition of works by Stanisław Gałek and other Tatra landscape painters of his time, organised by the Tatra Museum in the Gallery of 20th Century Art in Zakopane (the collections of Leszek Radwan, Piotr Radwan-Röhrenschef and Witold Huculak).

RöIsAlso pro bono work: We have joined United for Ukraine, an international initiative through which we provide pro bono advice to Ukrainian citizens on matters related to Polish law. We continuously support the BrainGreen Foundation in current legal issues and advise its beneficiaries on a pro bono basis. We assisted the Dobry Grunt Foundation in, among others, handling the legal aspects of organizing the exhibition Samuel Willenberg – the Hero of Two Nations in the Polish Parliament building. We also helped to establish the Voices from Ukraine Foundation.

RöIsAlso helping Ukrainian citizens: Supporting Ukraine is particularly important to us because we have been collaborating with companies and institutions from beyond Poland’s eastern border for years. Today, we focus on providing humanitarian and legal aid to Ukrainian refugees. These actions are supported and coordinated by Rö’s senior partner, Marina Skarbek-Kozietulska, who comes from Kyiv. We actively support the BrainGreen Foundation, which organizes Polish language courses for Ukrainian refugees in Poland, as well as implements programs for their vocational
activation and psychological support.

RöIsAlso charitable activity: Every year, we allocate our budget for Christmas greeting cards to charitable purposes. We are supported in this by artists who are also our friends – they provide their card designs, which we later send by email. Rö also supports the Between Heaven and Earth Foundation, taking part in its annual charity events and auctions held at the end of them. Since 2014, Katarzyna Petruczenko has worked actively with the Foundation, taking part in projects it organises. As part of our cooperation with the BrainGreen Foundation, we participated in the establishment of a co-working space located in the centre of Warsaw, where people struggling with particularly difficult situations can engage in remote work. We regularly participate in business charity runs.

RöIsAlso environment protection: We have joined ClientEarth – Lawyers for the Earth, an international non-profit organization, to jointly create effective environmental law, ensure its proper implementation, and shape social responsibility towards the environment. In 2021, as part of our pro bono activities, we represented ClientEarth in court proceedings and before the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection in the case regarding the removal of the misleading name “ecopea.” We are a paperless firm. In 2018, we supported the Skiing for Freedom project, which also promotes ecotourism. We collaborate with the BrainGreen Foundation, which implements educational projects related to environmental protection, in particular waste management, recycling, and reducing plastic consumption.