First and foremost

Karolina provides trial services to entities from the banking sector, dealing with, among others, cybersecurity (including phishing attacks), claims arising from mortgage loan agreements denominated and indexed in foreign currencies, as well as the construction sector. She also provides corporate law services and is involved in criminal proceedings connected with white collar crimes. Karolina is experienced in providing comprehensive legal services to entrepreneurs, including matters of commercial companies law and civil law. She has represented entities from the mechanical, construction and energy sectors in numerous commercial disputes. Her past practice also includes handling criminal law and criminal procedure cases.

What’s more

She graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at Warsaw University in 2019. In her master’s thesis, written under the supervision of Katarzyna Girdwoyń, PhD, at the Institute of Criminal Law of the University of Warsaw, she focused on the impact of psychiatric opinion on the legal position of the accused. In 2022, she completed the Academy of Companies Postgraduate Program at the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). Karolina is currently taking her advocate training with the Warsaw Bar Association. She joined the Rö team in July 2021.