Rö Orange solves disputes
First and foremost

Piotr specializes in court proceedings in the area of civil and commercial law, including cases related to pursuing claims under court enforcement. At Rö, he works on disputes regarding construction contracts and infrastructural investments, as well as bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings.

What’s more

Piotr graduated from the faculties of law and international relations at the College of Inter-area Individual Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences of Warsaw University. In 2019, he received his M.A. in law. In the Masters dissertation, written under the supervision of Michał Warciński, PhD, he focused on the protection of creditors against debtors’ insolvency. His Masters dissertation in international relations was written under the supervision of Bogusław Lackoroński, PhD, and dedicated to matters of international commercial law. He collaborates with think tanks and employers’ organizations. Piotr is also an author of numerous publications and an apprentice advocate from January 2020.