Rö Orange solves disputes
First and foremost

Bartłomiej represents clients in court proceedings in civil, commercial and real estate property matters. He provides legal assistance to victims of crimes committed within the scope of commercial activity or related to it. In recent years, Bartłomiej has taken part in a range of civil and criminal matters, representing clients in a dispute arising from an investment agreement related to a hostile takeover, and in a case concerning the acquisition of a real estate portfolio on the basis of an invalid power of attorney. He has also represented clients in a dispute concerning an agreement on the division of property for common use concluded out of the scope of authorization, and in proceedings concerning actions taken with harm to creditors.

What’s more

Bartłomiej devotes particular attention to issues of extraordinary proceedings, including the technique of preparing motions for cassation and their acceptance for review. He is the author of peer-reviewed and cited research papers published in, among others, the Polish Civil Trial (Polski Proces Cywilny) and the Commercial Law Review (Przegląd Prawa Handlowego). In 2017 he completed the bar training at the Warsaw Bar Association. He gathered his professional experience in a Polish firm specialising in trial law and in Warsaw offices of leading international firms. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of Warsaw University. He also earned his M.A. in finance and banking and M.A. in management and marketing from Warsaw University. He pursues his interest in finance management, obtained a stockbroker’s licence and passed all exams in the Chartered Financial Analyst programme.